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CLA 2022 Online Exam

Complete the test below to update your certification as an Official. The answers are based on the IRO International Luge Regulations - Artifical Track - 2022 Edition.  You must get all 10 questions correct in order to pass.  You may re-take the test as many times as you need.


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  1. For disciplines with a standarized sled (V1,V2), what can only be obtained from the FIL named producer?
  2. The inspection measurement for the back pod of a singles or doubles sled is performed with what?
  3. What is the measurement allowed from the ice to the upper edge of the handles at equial height minimum and maximum?
  4. What advertising is not forbidden for Athletes of age 21 and older?
  5. What do the overall champions of the Junior World Cup and Continential Cups receive?
  6. The start must take place for singles in training and competitions within how many seconds from the "Track is Clear" notice?
  7. The start order for the FIL World Championships in General Class seeded group will be from?
  8. How many days and runs of paid training must be offered for a Junior World Cup/Continental Cup?
  9. The measurement of the doubles sled steels must be between what minimum and maximum?
  10. What is the minimum amount of Youth A Continental Cup (CC) Races per season?