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CLA 2020 Rules Changes Online Exam

Complete the test below to update your certification as an Official. The answers are based on the IRO International Luge Regulations - Artifical Track- 2020 Edition.  You must get all 10 questions correct in order to pass.  You may re-take the test as many times as you need.


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  1. For the inspections at the start, who defines a separate area referred to as the Inspection zone?
  2. Athletes who compete in junior competitions maximum age in the year of the event is:
  3. How many trademarks in total can a cap, headband or other headgear have?
  4. The composition of the Jury at all FIL Competitions must consist of:
  5. The length of the control blade at start must be a least?
  6. For all Junior and Youth A competitions, the start must take place within how many seconds after the “Track is Clear” notice for Singles and Doubles?
  7. The total surface of the trademarks together on the clothing (except head covering, gloves and shoes) of one person shall not exceed?
  8. Can the weight inspection be carried out for all disciplines in long underwear?
  9. For a FIL Championship, Regulations for Eligibility per NF, how may Women’s Doubles team are allowed:
  10. The end faces of the steels (front side, back sides) are to be rounded or beveled with a radius of at least?