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Natural Luge Team prepares for Natural Luge World Cup races in Grande Prairie

Media AdvisoryOnly two days remain until the start of the double-header Natural Luge World Cup races in Grande Prairie. Since their return from competition in Europe the Canadian team has been very busy preparing themselves and the track for the event. As for the track, it is coming along very well. John Gibson has been very busy working with the Nitehawk Ski Area staff to get the track in tip-top shape.

Fortunately, there has been an ample amount of snowfall in the past weeks to have very thick and strong ice. John feels there is no question whether or not the track will hold up for the two races. The team has unfortunately also suffered a few injuries in these four weeks. Greg Jones was at his home track in Hinton doing some promotion work for the Alberta Winter Games and broke his ankle while sliding down the track.

His injury will not be healed in time for the World Cups so he will have to settle as a spectator this year. Corey Pusey returned from Europe healthy, however after his first run down the track he complained of lower back spasms. These spasms have had him under house arrest for the past two weeks. On the bright side for Corey, he was able to bite the bullet and train yesterday for a few hours before the track was officially closed later that afternoon. Kaj Johnson seems to be the lucky one of the bunch. He isn’t stuck working at the track 12 hours a day and hasn’t sustained any injuries this season.

He is simply trying to keep a regular schedule of sliding and working to be properly prepared for the two races. John, Corey, and Kaj are all extremely excited about performing on home soil again. The last time was two years ago in Debolt where the sliders had to suffer -40 degree temperatures and frostbite. At that race the Canadians had a good showing with 1 top 15 finish and three top 20 finishes. This year the team is hoping for 3 top 15 finishes or better. The race begins on March 1st and continues through until the 4th. Go Canada!

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