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- Rookie slider Tristan Walker posts silver medal result at Junior Luge World Cup-As Canada’s senior luge squad prepares to host the world on its home track in Calgary, the national program received an encouraging boost from the outstanding results achieved by the up-and-coming young athletes on the Junior World Cup circuit.

Coming off a strong result in the first Junior Luge World Cup, 15-year-old Tristan Walker took it one step further today, right onto the podium. The Calgary native nabbed the silver medal in the Youth A men’s division, posting a time of one minute 32.434 seconds.

“After my fourth place result in the last race, I was feeling really confident that I could get to the podium this time,” said Walker. “I was sitting in fourth again after the first run and thought I had a really good second run. It felt so awesome to stand at the finish and watch as I moved up in the standings.”

Walker moved up two spots in the final heat to claim the silver, behind Germany’s Kevin Weihs who finished with a time of 1:32.253. Ralf Palik, also of Germany, took the bronze, crossing the line in 1:32.564. Fellow young Canuck, Stefan Rath grabbed his second top-10 of the season, finishing in ninth with a time of 1:33.062.

This result moves Walker into third place in the overall Youth A men’s standings, just five points behind second.

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Complete Results:

Youth A Men’s Results:

1. Kevin Weihs, GER, 1:32.253; 2. Tristan Walker, Calgary, Alta., 1:32.434; 3. Ralf Palik, GER, 1:32.564; 4. Georgi Talypov, RUS, 1:32.653; 5. Semen Pavilchenko, RUS, 1:32.675

Other Canadian Results:

9. Stefan Rath, Calgary, Alta., 1:33.062; 18. David Adair, Calgary, Alta., 1:33.738

Junior Men’s Results:

1. Manuel Pfister, AUT, 1:53.546; 2. Wolfgang Kindl, AUT, 1:53.900; 3. Peter Fischer, GER, 1:53.971; 4. Christopher Mazdzer, USA, 1:54.076; 5. Phil Gortitzer, GER, 1:54.336

Canadian Results:

17. Cameron Gunn, Calgary, Alta., 1:55.850; 22. Brendan Hauptman, Penticton, B.C., 1:56.363

Junior Women’s Results:

1. Steffi Sieger, GER, 1:30.869; 2. Natalie Geisenberger, GER, 1:31.173;
3. Madeleine Teuber, GER, 1:31.405; 4. Carina Schwab, GER, 1:31.465; 5. Anastasia Young, USA, 1:31.813

Canadian Results:

11. Andrea Petersen, Calgary, Alta., 1:33.113; 12. Denae Delcourt, Calgary, Alta., 1:33.183

Youth A Women’s Results:

1. Daniela Schwab, GER, 1:32.610; 2. Dajana Eitberger, GER, 1:32.723;
3. Andrea Metzenleitner, GER, 1:32.990; 4. Tatiana Ivanova, RUS, 1:33.347;
5. Sara Zoschg, ITA, 1:33.526

Canadian Results:

DNF Arianne Jones, Calgary, Alta.


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