Luge Canada

The Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Luge Association

Election ResultsThe Canadian Luge Association is pleased to announce the following results of the election held at our recent annual general meeting.

1. President
Ed Moffat re-elected by acclamation

2. Vice President Marketing
Jeannie Godfrey re-elected by acclamation

3. Secretary
Stacy Pothier re-elected by acclamation

4. Director of Officials
Dana Krause re-elected by acclamation

Board of Directors Appointment:

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Luge Association invites interested individuals to submit their name and resume for consideration in the appointment of the Vice President Artificial Luge. You will fill the position for a period of one year until the elections at the next AGM. This is a volunteer position. The duties of the Vice President Artificial Luge are as follows:

The Vice President Artificial Luge shall provide overall leadership in the high performance activities of Artificial Luge. He or she shall be first Vice President and shall assume the duties of the President in the absence from meetings or incapacity of the President.

i) Acts as chair to national Artificial Sport Program Committee.
ii) Acts as Luge Canada representative on Artificial Luge Race Organizing Committees.
iii)Perform other duties prescribed by the President or Board of Directors.

The position of the Vice President Artificial Luge attends the following meetings:

a. Canadian Luge Association AGMs and board meetings, 2 per year(usually weekends)
b. Canadian Luge Association Executive meetings: bi monthly, 2nd Wednesdays of the month
c. COLAC meetings and in the near future WOLAC meetings(Whistler Olympic Luge Advisory Committee)

The Vice President of Artificial Luge serves on committees and attends meetings as directed by the President and the Board of Directors.

The deadline for submission of name and resume is April 25, 2008. Please submit your information to .

The Board of Directors will announce the appointment of the new VP Artificial Luge on May 1, 2008.

For further information, please contact the CLA office:

Ph: (403) 247-9884