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Athlete Blog: Sam Edney

The summer came and went. And all the colors changed. Leaves came down.

These are the words that came over my speakers the other day. They came courtesy of a Canadian musician by the name of Joel Plaskett. Hearing those lyrics helped reality set in, that summer is over and fall is in fact halfway through the door. Now I'm cool with that. Fall brings a lot of awesomeness to the table. The colors, the brisk morning air, snow capped Rocky Mountains that are visible just west of Calgary, and perhaps a couple pumpkin spiced lattes. But at a personal level, being a winter athlete, fall is the gateway to my winter playground/office. And that excites me! And this being the beginning of an Olympic year makes this fall much more exciting!

I am happy to have heard those lyrics the other day because it actually allowed myself to get pumped up. Pumped about the fact that the national team and myself are now just over a week away from being back on the Olympic track in Whistler, BC. It seems that before that specific tune came blasting over the speakers I was still set in Summer/Off season mode. More focused on how much weight I am lifting and how flexible I am so I can beat some Germans out of the start handles this season (super important by the way!). The thoughts that would circulate my head have changed, its now onto thoughts of which steels to ride down the hill, what sharpness/angle should they be at, what parallel to set them at and where to make that crucial drive while cruising down an icy chute at 150km/h! It's back to track talk, daily visualizations, and oh ya, the team meetings that our coach Wolfgang seems to schedule in several times daily. I look back at the summer and realize how successful the summer training was. I am thrilled at how successful the coaching staff was in building a sled that has proven to be more aerodynamic after a mid summer trip to the wind tunnel in Ottawa. And I recognize how ready my body and mind feel as I enter this 09/10 season. All I can say is bring on the change of seasons. Auf Wiedersehen summer, see you on the ice.

Thanks for reading.

Sam E.