Luge Canada

Athlete Blog: Mike Moffat

And the Race is on - well almost!

Last season seems all but a blur and our new Olympic Season is on the horizon. It all begins tomorrow morning at 4am, this is when we pack the team vans and begin our season kick off to Whistler. For me there is a slight excitement but for the most part I am focused. I know our training will be tough and what we learn from our new equipment will mean everything in February when Canada hosts the world. Although the expectation is high for Canadian athletes to perform, the butterflies in my stomach are more about getting the job done. After all the Canadian luge team are underdogs. We may be a long shot but I know we have spent the last years working harder then everyone else just so we can change our reputation. Last year the team showed snapshots of what is possible and Alex proved anything is possible if we stay the course.

Whistler is our track, and I truly believe anything is possible. Call us the underdogs, dark horses, or what ever label fits, but come the Olympics it will be our race to win& or lose. Now it's just up to us to choose.

Mike Moffat