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Athlete Blog: Jeff Christie

I Am -

The Olympic year differs in one way for other years; in an Olympic year everyone wants to know how you are feeling, what are your emotions like. Are you nervous? Are you excited? The lists of questions are endless and there is no way to do the questions justice with a sound bit clip that people are looking for. To encompass what I feel not only in an Olympic year, but every year so far in my 15 years sliding career would take significantly more time. So here I go, here is the answer to everyone's questions. This is what I feel, this is what I experience, this is what I am.

I am happy, sad, excited, nervous, tired, stiff, snappy, fearful, questioning, powerful, and sluggish. I am concentrated, laughing, smiling, confused, frustrated, crushed, hurting, full of anticipation, over my head, and on top of the world. I am proud, supportive, in need of advice, focused, contemplative, euphoric, friendly.

Now these are not emotions that enter once and go away, or come for a while to visit. All of these can come and go in the course of a day, a training session, even during a run down the track. That is what I feel and what I go through, so now you know the answers to your questions.

As for where I am right now in our current season, here is a summary. I have been sliding on ice for 6 weeks, and taken 109 runs of the approximately 230 we will take this entire season. I have spent 2 ½ weeks sliding in Whistler, 2 weeks sliding in Calgary, and the rest of the time training. I have driven to and from Whistler twice, and have so far not encountered snow on that drive! I have started to get the feeling of my new sled and have set up a couple new pairs of steels (each requiring about 40 hours to get race ready). I have maintained my strength levels, flexibility, and start times, and the best of all I have yet to come off my sled (crash). Now please everyone knock on wood for me because I want to keep it shinny side down for the rest of the year. This old body does not need any face down rides this season! I have completed the three selection races for the National Team, and have now officially been selected to that team. As for the question have you made the Olympic Team the answer is no. We will not know who is nominated for that team until the end of December. The first 3 World Cups of the season will decide who is going to be nominated. We have trained with the Russians this year and are currently hosting the Swiss on Calgary. Building international relationships that will benefit our team in the future. All of this and we have only just begun sliding this year!

Another question I get is what is coming up for me? We are leaving to Whistler Sunday for a week of training, then back to Calgary for the first World Cup of the year in Calgary on November 20th and 21st. Then on the 22nd we leave to Europe for two weeks and two World Cups before we come back to Whistler for the Canadian Championships before our 9 day Christmas break. Then on December 26th we are back on the plane to Europe! I am looking forward to this Friday and Saturday as it will be my last days off until Christmas.

With this schedule and what we have already done this season I think you can now see how the question are you excited or are you nervous can't be summed up in a few words. My teammates and I work hard for what we want to accomplish!

Right now I am tired, sore, and in need of sleep. So I am off to bed so that I can get ready to do it all again tomorrow because it is what I want and love to do!