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Fast Track Capital Doles out Olympic Bonuses

Four Olympic luge athletes cashed-in on finishing as top Canadians at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, thanks to the support of the teams title sponsor  Fast Track Capital.

Sam Edney, Regan Lauscher, and Chris and Mike Moffat all received $5,000 each for finishing as the top Canadians in mens singles, womens singles and mens doubles at the 2010 Olympics in Whistler, B.C.

The Fast Track Group put the funds up as part of an impressive reward incentive program announced just prior to the kick-off of the Olympics. Company founder, Darren Weeks offered $1 million for any gold medal in the sport which would have been split between the athlete and the Canadian Luge Association. The company also offered $50,000 for each silver and bronze medal.

Fast Track Capital and the Canadian Luge Association have thrived together in a creative partnership established more than a year ago when Weeks and his group responded to a national for sale campaign by Canadas luge athletes when they wore for sale stickers on their helmets.

Fast Track Group sponsored the team for more than $1,002, 014 through to the 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

"A year ago we had no title sponsor," said Sam Edney. "Now we've got a group of people that believe in us so much they are willing to put that kind of money on the line. It is very comforting and we truly appreciate it."

Edney posted the best-ever Olympic result by a Canadian mens luge athlete when he finished seventh at the Games. The finish was matched later in the week by three-time Olympians, Chris and Mike Moffat, in doubles action. Another three-time Olympian, Regan Lauscher, also cashed in finishing as the top Canuck in the womens race with a 15th-place result.

Weeks and his staff handed out the financial gifts at the teams Olympic wrap-up dinner in Calgary on May 29.