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Sam Edney Slides into Top-10 at Luge World Cup in Germany

?Justin Snith and Tristan Walker slide to 14th spot in men?s doubles?

Canada’s Sam Edney slid back into the top-10 at a Luge World Cup race in Oberhof, Germany, on Saturday.

The 26-year-old Calgarian, who struggled in the first-half of the season, continues to find his elite form which he enjoyed last year while placing 10th on Saturday. The two-time Olympian clocked a combined time of 1:31.846.

“I felt a lot better on my sled today and I had two consistent runs,” said Edney. I do feel is starting to come around. We played with a couple of things early in the season that wasn’t working out, so we went back to what worked last year. It is coming together and I have been building confidencesince the Calgary World Cup.”

Germany took the top-three spots on the podium with Felix Loch finishing in a golden time of 1:30.883. Andri Langenhan settled for the sliver medal at 1:31.115, while David Moller completed the sweep with a third-place time of1:31.326.

Two other Canucks suited up in the men’s singles race. Brendan Hauptman, of Kimberly, B.C., was 20th (1:32.456), while Calgary’s Jeff Christie placed 23rd (1:32.539).

The men’s doubles race also hit the track in Königssee. Germany’s Tobias Wendl and Tobias Arlt posted the winning time of 1:26.794. Italy’s Christian Oberstolz and Patrick Gruber were second at 1:26.833, while Germany’s Toni Eggert and Sascha Benecken were third with a time of 1:43.508.

Calgary’s Justin Snith and Tristan Walker, of Cochrane, Alta., were 14th with a combined time of 1:28.243.

The World Cup continues in Oberhof, Germany continues onSunday with the women’s singles and team relay races.

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Men’s Top-Five and Canadian Results:
1.Felix Loch, GER, 1:30.883; 2. Andi Langenhan, GER, 1:31.115; 3. David Moller, GER, 1:31.326; 4. Jan-Armin Eichorn, GER, 1:31.354; 5. Armin Zoggeler, ITA, 1:31.393.
Other Canadian Results:
10. Sam Edney, Calgary, 1:31.846; 20. Brendan Hauptman, Kimberly, B.C., 1:32.456; 23. Jeff Christie, Calgary, 1:32.539.

Doubles Top-Five and Canadian Results:
1. Wendl/Arlt, GER, 1:26.794; 2. Oberstolz/Gruber, ITA, 1:26.833; 3. Eggert/Benecken, GER, 1:26.988; 4. Rothamel/Rohmesis, GER, 1:27.334; 5. Yuzhakov/Makhnutin, RUS, 1:27.380
Canadian Results:
14. Walker, Cochrane, Alta./Snith, Calgary, 1:28.243