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Olympian Loses His Biggest Supporter

By PAUL DELESKE -- Calgary SunWhen Olympian luger Tyler Seitz started a training run at 9:05 a.m. Saturday, he knew his mother Gloria was close to dying of breast cancer.

By the time he reached the bottom, his staunchist supporter had slipped away forever.

"We figure it was actually as we went down the track," the 24 year-old athlete said yesterday. "It seems fitting. I was doing what I needed to do and what she wanted me to do, instead of hanging around and grieving."

Seitz came home for Christmas to learn this mom had been trying to keep the knews of her deteriorating condition from her three sons.

Glorai Seitz wouldn't hear of Tyler breaking training or missing an upcoming World Cup competition in Germany to be at her side.

"She told him not to stay for her sake - to get ready for the Olympics," said eldest son Trevor. "It'll weigh pretty heavy on him."

Despite his mom's protests, Tyler had decided to leave the team to be with her. Now that circumstances have changed , he'll leave January 7th to rejoin the luge team.

Despite her struggles, Seitz gave much to others.

She was an enthusiatic volunterr with the Cancer Society and the Calgary Urban Project Society.

Tyler Seitz will return to the Olympic Park luge run in February, when competition shifts to Calgary.

He's not likely to have a problem with motivation.

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