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2001 News Stories

Canada's Top Young Lugers Compete for National Junior Championship Titles

Second Junior World Cup - Best-Ever World Cup Finish for Canada's Meaghan Simister

Fifth Viessmann World Cup Results

Canada Strikes Double Gold at the Verizon North American Junior Championships

Second Junior World Cup - Silver Medal for Ian Cockerline

Fourth Viessmann World Cup - Best Ever World Cup Finish for Chris Moffat

Day One of the Fourth Viessmann World Cup

First Junior World Cup

Canadians Turn in Strong Performances at the Third Viessmann World Cup Results

Second Viessmann World Cup - Kyle Connelly Clinches Olympic Berth

Best Ever World Cup Results For Regan Lauscher at the Second Viessmann World Cup

National Junior Luge Team Chosen at the First Provincial Junior Luge Cup

Another Silver Medal For Canada Luge Junior World Championships

Silver Medal For Canada Luge Junior World Championships

Chris Moffat Qualifies For 2002 Olympics

Regan Lauscher Qualifies For 2002 Olympics

Canadian Doubles Lugers Qualify For 2002 Olympics

Olympian Loses His Biggest Supporter

By PAUL DELESKE -- Calgary Sun