Luge Canada

Ava Rose Luscombe

Events: Singles
Team Next Gen Team
Birth Date:November 21, 2003

Ava got involved in luge as an 11-year-old after attending a recruitment her mom signed her up for that she simply did not want to go to.

Mom knows best – Ava fell in love with sliding and has been hooked on the pursuit of excellence ever since. After two years with the novice team, Ava continued her development and made the NextGen Team this year.

Sport is not new to Ava. She enjoys swimming where she has her bronze medallion, playing volleyball and basketball. She is also fond of the arts, playing piano and participating in arts classes.

Ava attends the National Sport School in Calgary and can speak fluent French. She enjoys baking, listening to music and doing art as well as hanging out with friends.