Luge Canada

Embyr Lee Susko

Women's Singles / Doubles
Team Junior National Team
Birth Date:June 13, 2005
Hometown:Whistler, B.C.
Residence:Whistler, B.C.

A Cub Scouts field trip sparked the Olympic dream in Embyr-Lee when she was seven years old. As soon as she hopped on the sled and flew down the track at the Whistler Sliding Centre she was hooked.

A passion for speeding down the track as though she was flying down a frozen water slide, Embyr-Lee was thrilled to have the opportunity to follow her two brothers into trying this exhilarating Olympic sport. 

Embyr-Lee has made steady progression through the development pathway, beginning with the B.C. Luge Development program. Younger than most in the program, Embyr-Lee is steadily chasing her older teammates, challenging herself to be better and faster. 

Outside of luge, Embyr-Lee enjoys surfing, waterskiing, hanging out on the boat at the family cottage in Nova Scotia during the summer months. She enjoys making extravagant cakes and other baked goods in her free time. She has two older brothers, and a fluffy cat named Batman!

Career Highlights

2020 – Youth Canadian Championships, Whistler, CAN: 1
2019 – Youth Canadian Championships, Calgary, CAN: 1 
2019 – Canada Cup, Whistler, CAN: 2
2019 – NorAm, Calgary, CAN: 2
2018 – Youth Canadian Championships, Whistler, CAN: 4
2018 – Canada Cup, Calgary, CAN: 3


Past Results

2023/2024 Season

Mar. 9Whistler Canadian Championships1
Mar. 8Whistler Jr. Canadian1
Feb. 24Sigulda World Cup16
Feb. 16Lillehammer FIL Junior World Championships2
Jan. 28Altenberg FIL World Championships16
Jan. 28Altenberg FIL U23 World Championships6
Jan. 26Altenberg FIL Sprint World Championships14
Jan. 13Innsbruck World Cup17
Jan. 6Winterberg World Cup27
Dec. 16Whistler World Cup9
Dec. 16Whistler World Cup6
Dec. 16Whistler America Pacific Championships3
Dec. 15Whistler World Cup7
Dec. 15Whistler America Pacific Championships3
Dec. 10Whistler Jr. World Cup3
Dec. 9Whistler Jr. World Cup1
Dec. 9Whistler Jr. World Cup2
Dec. 9Whistler Jr. World Cup1
Dec. 9Whistler Jr. World Cup1
Dec. 3Park City Jr. World Cup2
Dec. 3Park City Jr. World Cup1
Dec. 2Park City Jr. World Cup2
Dec. 1Park City Jr. World Cup1
Nov. 30Park City Jr. World Cup2

2022/2023 Season

Mar. 12Whistler Youth Canadian Championships1
Mar. 10Whistler Jr. Canadian1
Mar. 5Whistler Canadian Championships1
Feb. 4Altenberg World Cup17
Jan. 21Park City Youth A Continental Cup1
Jan. 14Whistler Youth A Continental Cup1
Dec. 16Altenberg Jr. World Cup19
Dec. 10Winterberg Jr. World Cup22

2021/2022 Season

Mar. 13Whistler Youth Canadian Championships1
Mar. 11Whistler Jr. Canadian1
Jan. 29Winterberg FIL Junior World Championships12
Jan. 29Winterberg FIL Junior World Championships3

2020/2021 Season

Feb. 14Whistler Jr. Canadian1
Dec. 12Whistler Junior Canada Cup1
Dec. 5Whistler Canadian Championships4

2019/2020 Season

Mar. 14Whistler Youth Canadian Championships1
Mar. 13Whistler Canadian Championships6
Mar. 13Whistler Jr. Canadian6