Luge Canada

Beattie Podulsky

Women's Singles / Doubles
Team Junior National Team
Birth Date:August 18, 2005
Hometown:Calgary, AB

When Beattie entered a winter camp in Calgary’s Ice House and sat in the luge start handles for the first time with Alberta coaches, Guntis Rekis and Lindsay Forsberg, looking over her shoulder, she recalls the nerves racing through her body before going down the short start track. Her dad was on the sidelines, capturing video of her first ever start. My, how far she has progressed since.

With her eyes squarely focused on representing Canada at the Olympic Winter Games one day, the Junior Development Team athlete has steadily progressed through the Canadian system, capturing a pocket full of medals along the way while competing on the Continental Cup. She was second at both the Park City and Whistler stops in the 2022-23 season.

Did You Know: Beattie’s most memorable day sliding was when her entire family descended on the Whistler Sliding Centre track to watch her for the first time. She recalls blasting through corner 15 and seeing them standing trackside. The memory is so clear that she remembers her aunt looking sick at how fast she was going….her favourite track to slide on is Sigulda, Latvia. Beattie enjoys its challenging features, fast transitions through each corner, and the difficulty of trying to nail the unique start curve….Before she started luge, Beattie was active in many sports including soccer, basketball, volleyball, and swimming – but luge was the eventual winner…. Beattie loves dogs and is a self-described clumsy person, claiming she falls going up and down stairs or on flat surfaces.

Outside of Sport: Beattie enjoys spending time with family and friends, just having a chill day and going out on the family boat, enjoying the sun and water activities. She loves to travel and believes if she wasn’t sliding she may be a firefighter.

Past Results

2023/2024 Season

Mar. 8Whistler Jr. Canadian1
Dec. 16Whistler World Cup6
Dec. 15Whistler World Cup7
Dec. 15Whistler America Pacific Championships3
Dec. 10Whistler Jr. World Cup3
Dec. 9Whistler Jr. World Cup6
Dec. 9Whistler Jr. World Cup2
Dec. 9Whistler Jr. World Cup4
Dec. 9Whistler Jr. World Cup1
Dec. 3Park City Jr. World Cup7
Dec. 3Park City Jr. World Cup2
Dec. 2Park City Jr. World Cup2
Nov. 30Park City Jr. World Cup2

2022/2023 Season

Jan. 21Park City Youth A Continental Cup2
Jan. 14Whistler Youth A Continental Cup2

2021/2022 Season

Mar. 13Whistler Youth Canadian Championships2
Mar. 11Whistler Jr. Canadian5

2020/2021 Season

Feb. 14Whistler Jr. Canadian9

2019/2020 Season

Mar. 14Whistler Youth Canadian Championships10