Luge Canada

Matt Riddle

Events: Doubles
Team Next Gen Team
Birth Date:March 1, 1998
Hometown:Whistler, BC
Junior Team:1 years
Senior Team:1 years

The power of social media is what drew Matt to the sport of luge. Eager to join the sport in Grade 5 after attending a recruitment camp while at school, it was two years later when his dad was scrolling his Facebook account that a luge posting captured the attention of the Riddle family. Two days later, Matt was at his first camp and has not looked back falling in love with teh speed and thrill of going down the icy chute. He represented Canada with Adam Shippit in doubles at the 2016 Youth Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer, Norway.

When not doing school work and training to work his way through the luge development system, Matt enjoys skiing and swimming and the lake.  He takes some of the stress of sliding away by strumming the guitar.

Career Highlights

2016 – Junior Canadian Championships, Whistler, CAN: 1
2016 – Youth Olympic Winter Games, Lillehammer, NOR: 5 (doubles), 4 (team relay)
2016 – Junior World Cup, Oberhof, GER: 5
2015 – Canadian Championships, Whistler, CAN: 2 (doubles)    
2015 – Junior Luge World Championships, Lillehammer, NOR: 14
2015 – Junior World Cup, Oberhof, NOR: 3
2014 – Junior World Cup, Whistler, CAN: 2, 1, 2
2014 – Junior World Cup, Park City, USA: 3, 1

Past Results

2018/2019 Season

Dec. 7Calgary World Cup23
Nov. 30Whistler World Cup25
Oct. 20Whistler Canadian Championships3

2017/2018 Season

Feb. 15Calgary Jr. Canadian2
Feb. 4Altenberg FIL Junior World Championships15
Jan. 21Winterberg Jr. World Cup4
Jan. 21Winterberg Jr. World Cup21
Jan. 14Innsbruck Jr. World Cup13
Jan. 14Innsbruck Jr. World Cup10
Jan. 12Innsbruck Jr. World Cup16
Dec. 16Konigssee Jr. World Cup15
Dec. 10Oberhof Jr. World Cup25
Dec. 8Oberhof Jr. World Cup24
Oct. 14Calgary Canadian Championships (Doubles)2

2016/2017 Season

Mar. 9Whistler Jr. Canadian (Doubles)1
Feb. 19Winterberg Jr. World Cup9
Feb. 19Winterberg Jr. World Cup5
Feb. 12Altenberg Jr. World Cup6
Feb. 11Altenberg Jr. World Cup (Doubles)10
Dec. 10Whistler World Cup18
Dec. 1Calgary Jr. World Cup7
Oct. 22Whistler Canadian Championships (Doubles)2

2015/2016 Season

Mar. 11Whistler Jr. Canadian1
Feb. 14Lillehammer Youth Olympic Games4
Feb. 14Lillehammer Youth Olympic Games (Doubles)5
Jan. 23Oberhof Jr. World Cup5
Jan. 23Oberhof Jr. World Cup8
Dec. 12Igls Jr. World Cup9
Dec. 6Konigssee Jr. World Cup7
Oct. 31Whistler Canadian Championships6
Oct. 31Whistler Canadian Championships (Doubles)2

2014/2015 Season

Feb. 6Winterberg Jr. World Cup17
Jan. 30Igls Jr. World Cup7
Jan. 24Oberhof Jr. World Cup14
Jan. 24Oberhof Jr. World Cup3
Jan. 16Lillehammer FIL Junior World Championships14
Dec. 15Park City Jr. World Cup3
Dec. 15Park City Jr. World Cup1
Dec. 7Whistler Jr. World Cup4
Dec. 6Whistler Jr. World Cup7
Dec. 6Whistler Jr. World Cup2
Dec. 4Whistler Jr. World Cup1
Dec. 4Whistler Jr. World Cup2

2013/2014 Season

Jan. 25Oberhof Jr. World Cup26