Luge Canada

Carolyn Maxwell

Women's Singles
Team National B Team
Birth Date:June 1, 2000

Carolyn was inspired to hop on a luge sled after watching her family friend, Justin Snith, compete at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. Carolyn wasted no time gaining information on recruitment camps and quickly began chasing her own Olympic dream.

Her favourite sliding memory is when she was 17 years old and finished third in Canadian National Championships. Although it was a not a career-best result, it did solidify her place in the National Team, a feeling that she’ll never forget – being so young but still with Canada’s best at the time. 

It was that race that taught Carolyn anything is possible as she witnessed her hard work translate into great sliding. Carolyn never looked back from that breakthrough day. She took a major step forward in her development in 2018, qualifying for the World Cup Team where she has continued to progress on the international stage. 

Carolyn’s favourite track is where her journey began – in Calgary. She’d do anything to get to slide there one more time – a place that brings back all of the memories of what sport is about: joy, defeat, learning, success, friends and family.

She now has her eyes squarely focused on 2026 and dreams of standing on top of the Olympic podium, and winning an overall title on the World Cup.

A former student of the National Sport School who is currently attending Athabasca University where she studies finance, Carolyn also played squash and snowboards regularly. She enjoys spending time with friends in the summer playing spike ball, hiking or biking, and spending time with family at the lake. A Calgarian through and through, Carolyn loves Stampede time and having the opportunity to take in the rodeo and chuckwagon races.

Did You Know…Carolyn has a twin named Andrew who is a helicopter pilot who convinced her to go to his flying school and give it a try. It was her first time in a helicopter and really enjoyed it. She can solve a Rubik’s cube and she learned how to wake surf thanks to the instruction of her teammate, Caitlin.

Career Highlights

2020 – World Cup, Altenberg, GER: 7 (Team Relay)
2019 – World Cup, Whistler, CAN: 12
2019 – World Cup, Lake Placid, USA: 11
2019 – World Cup, Konigssee, GER: 11
2019 – World Cup Team Relay, Konigssee, GER: 6
2019 – World Cup, Calgary, CAN: 9


Past Results

2023/2024 Season

Mar. 9Whistler Canadian Championships7
Dec. 16Whistler World Cup22
Dec. 16Whistler America Pacific Championships8
Dec. 9Lake Placid World Cup24

2022/2023 Season

Mar. 5Whistler Canadian Championships8
Feb. 4Altenberg World Cup24
Jan. 28Oberhof U23 Championships14
Jan. 28Oberhof World Champs30
Jan. 7Sigulda World Cup20
Dec. 17Park City World Cup21
Dec. 17Park City America Pacific Championships6
Dec. 9Whistler World Cup15

2020/2021 Season

Jan. 31Konigssee FIL World Championships20
Jan. 24Innsbruck World Cup24
Jan. 17Oberhof World Cup20
Jan. 3Konigssee Team Relay8
Dec. 12Whistler Canada Cup1
Dec. 5Whistler Canadian Championships2

2019/2020 Season

Mar. 13Whistler Canadian Championships2
Mar. 13Whistler Jr. Canadian2
Feb. 2Oberhof World Cup22
Feb. 2Oberhof Team Relay8
Jan. 12Altenberg Team Relay7
Jan. 12Altenberg World Cup18
Dec. 14Whistler World Cup Sprint15
Dec. 13Whistler World Cup12
Dec. 13Whistler America Pacific Championships2
Dec. 1Lake Placid World Cup Sprint13
Nov. 30Lake Placid World Cup11
Nov. 23Innsbruck World Cup25

2018/2019 Season

Jan. 6Konigssee Team Relay6
Jan. 5Konigssee World Cup11
Dec. 16Lake Placid World Cup23
Dec. 16Lake Placid America Pacific Championships7
Dec. 8Calgary World Cup10
Dec. 1Whistler World Cup21
Nov. 25Innsbruck World Cup19
Oct. 20Whistler Canadian Championships2

2017/2018 Season

Feb. 15Calgary Jr. Canadian2
Feb. 4Altenberg FIL Junior World Championships9
Feb. 4Altenberg FIL Junior World Championships5
Jan. 21Winterberg Jr. World Cup6
Jan. 21Winterberg Jr. World Cup11
Jan. 21Winterberg Jr. World Cup1
Jan. 14Innsbruck Jr. World Cup31
Jan. 12Innsbruck Jr. World Cup7
Dec. 16Konigssee Jr. World Cup15
Dec. 10Oberhof Jr. World Cup15
Dec. 8Oberhof Jr. World Cup12
Oct. 14Calgary Canadian Championships3

2016/2017 Season

Mar. 5Calgary Youth Canadian Championships1
Feb. 19Winterberg Jr. World Cup7
Feb. 11Altenberg Jr. World Cup2
Dec. 3Calgary Jr. World Cup2
Dec. 1Calgary Jr. World Cup2