Luge Canada

Makena Hodgson

Events: Singles
Team Senior National Team
Birth Date:July 27, 2000
Junior Team:1 years
Senior Team:1 years
FacebookMakena Hodgson Luge
Other Interests:Reading, Writing, Piano

After being glued to the television watching the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver-Whistler, Makena was intrigued in luge.

Searching for her breakthrough into the world of sleds, ice and high speeds, Makena’s Christmas gift when she was nine years old was the gift that keeps on giving.

Makena received a public luge ride. After blasting down the track from Tourist Start with her dad, she fell immediately in love with the thrills of the speed and adrenalin of blasting down the icy chute.

Makena was determined to get involved in the sport. Finally her parents signed her up for a recruitment camp that summer. She was back on the sled and within days was officially a luge athlete getting invited to the national program.

The high-performance sport world is in her family. The Hodgson’s are a hockey-oriented family who billet for the Calgary Hitmen. Her father worked for the Flames organization for a number of years where Makena has met many of role models.

When not on the track, Makena writes novels, reads plenty of books and plays the piano. She is an honours student and is fluent in Spanish.


Career Highlights

Finishing ninth in Altenberg Junior World Cup (2016-17)
Finishing fifth and sixth in Calgary Junior World Cups (2016-17)
Finishing second in the NorAm race (2016-17)
Finishing second in Canadian Junior Championships (2015-16)
Winning Canadian Youth Championships for two years in a row (2013-14 and 2014-15)


Past Results

2018/2019 Season

Mar. 14Whistler Jr. Canadian1
Feb. 9Winterberg Jr. World Cup9
Feb. 1Innsbruck FIL Junior World Championships44
Jan. 19St Moritz Jr. World Cup9
Jan. 19St Moritz Jr. World Cup7
Dec. 15Calgary Jr. World Cup9
Dec. 15Calgary Jr. World Cup2
Dec. 1Whistler World Cup19
Nov. 25Innsbruck World Cup28
Oct. 20Whistler Canadian Championships4

2017/2018 Season

Feb. 15Calgary Jr. Canadian1
Feb. 4Altenberg FIL Junior World Championships21
Jan. 21Winterberg Jr. World Cup15
Jan. 21Winterberg Jr. World Cup3
Jan. 14Innsbruck Jr. World Cup7
Jan. 14Innsbruck Jr. World Cup10
Jan. 12Innsbruck Jr. World Cup11
Dec. 16Konigssee Jr. World Cup24
Dec. 10Oberhof Jr. World Cup12
Dec. 9Oberhof Jr. World Cup9
Dec. 8Oberhof Jr. World Cup17
Dec. 7Oberhof Jr. World Cup11
Oct. 14Calgary Canadian Championships5

2016/2017 Season

Mar. 9Whistler Jr. Canadian1
Mar. 5Calgary Youth Canadian Championships2
Feb. 19Winterberg Jr. World Cup8
Feb. 11Altenberg Jr. World Cup9
Dec. 3Calgary Jr. World Cup6
Dec. 1Calgary Jr. World Cup5