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Athletes Frustrated by Canadian Sports Funding

CBC Newsworld Sports JournalThis week The Sports Journal profiles Clay Ives. Ives has twice represented Canada in luge in the Winter Olympics. Saying he is frustrated with the lack of funding and support in the Canadian system he has exercised his dual citizenship and left Canada. He is now part of the U.S. luge program. Ives says he's had to go to the food bank to make ends meet as a Canadian luger. And he feels his goal of being an Olympic medal winner just won't happen competing for Canada because of limitations in the funding, training and coaching systems. The Sports Journal travelled to the U.S. training centre at Lake Placid, New York to speak with Ives and members of the U.S. luge assocation. Brenda Irving hosts this piece.

We also spoke with Canadian officials about Ives' situation and his charges about the Canadian system. In a second piece Tom Harrington examines the funding system for elite athletes in Canada. Ives' is not alone in his criticism of the Canadian system. Harrington speaks with Canadian national swim coach Dave Johnson and others. Harrington tries to paint a picture of how athletes live and train in Canada and how that compares to some other countries.

On October 2nd The Sports Journal won the Gemini award--the highest award in Canadian televison-- as Best Sports program or series. The Sports Journal is hosted by Tom Harrington.

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