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Canada’s Chris and Mike Moffat teamed up to finish 10th in the men’s doubles race at the Luge World Cup in Altenberg, Germany on Saturday.

It was the same discouraging story for the Canadian duo, who have had to struggle with difficult start positions on deteriorating tracks all year, due to the warm weather that has plagued Europe this winter. However, the Moffat’s persevered, posting a two-run time of one minute 26.487 seconds under sloppy conditions and temperatures well above freezing.

“Once again it was the conditions that controlled the race and that has been the case all year,” said Mike Moffat, the younger of the two brothers at 24 years old. “There was so much wind and rain here this week that it made things really tough today, but we have been sliding well despite a few mistakes here and there and our starts are really strong so we remain optimistic things will fall into place.”

The Schiegl brothers from Austria warmed up the track on their own, blazing down the Altenberg test at 1:25.880 to claim the gold medal. Germany’s Patric Leitner and Alexander Resch were second at 1:25.910, while Italy’s Gerhard Plankensteiner and Oswald Haselrieder were third after stopping the clock at 1:25.956.

It was also the same old story in the women’s race with the German speed queens stealing the top-four spots for the second consecutive week. Silke Kraushaar-Pielach slid to her sixth World Cup victory of the season after clocking a time of 1:48.999. Natalie Geisenberger was second (1:49.354), while Anke Wishnewski completed the German sweep in third (1:49.486).

Calgary youngsters Alex Gough and Meaghan Simister were the only two Canadian sleds entered on Saturday. Gough finished 20th at 1:42.020, while Simister was able to post a time and finish 24th (2:03.886) after recovering from a near crash on her opening run. Regan Lauscher, of Red Deer, Alta., did not race due to an injury suffered during Friday’s Nation’s Cup.

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Complete Results:

Doubles Top-Five Results

1.Shiegl/Shiegl, AUT, 1:25.880; 2. Leitner/Resch, GER, 1:25.910; 3. Plankenstein/Haselrieder, ITA, 1:25.956; 4. Oberstolz/Gruber, ITA, 1:25.989; 5. Florshütz/Wustlich, GER, 1:26.203.

Canadian Doubles Results:
11. Chris and Mike Moffat, Calgary, 1:26.487

Women’s Top-Five Results:

1.Silke Kraushaar-Pielach, GER, 1:48.999; 2. Natalie Geisenberger, GER, 1:49.354; 3. Anke Wischnewski, GER, 1:49.486; 4. Tatjana Hüfner, GER, 1:49.571; 5. Nina Reithmayer, AUT, 1:49.731.

Canadian Results:

20. Alex Gough, Calgary, 1:52.020; 24. Meaghan Simister, Calgary, 2:03.886

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