Luge Canada

2007 CLA AGM Election Results:

The Canadian Luge Association is pleased to announce the following results of the election held at our recent annual general meeting.

1. Vice President Olympic Luge
Jonathan Edwards re-elected by acclamation

2. Vice President Natural Luge
Bryan Jones re-elected by acclamation

3. Director of Officials
Dana Krause let his name stand
Marlene Vierboom was nominated
Dana Krause re-elected, 11 votes in favour

Both Bryan and Jonathan are rejoining the exective after completing an adjusted three year term. They will now hold office for two years, until their positions again come up for election. Dana Krause has been re-elected to the Director of Officials position, as a member of the Board of Directors. He will hold this office for the term of one year, when it will again come up for election.

For further information, please contact the CLA office:

Ph: (403) 247-9884