Luge Canada


WINTERBERG, GER—Canadas top-two women luge athletes, Meaghan Simister and Regan Lauscher, finished in the middle of the pack on the final day of the Viessmann Luge World Cup in Winterberg, Germany on Sunday.

Adjusting to a new straight, flat start on the Winterberg track which the team had only six training runs on this year, Canadas Simister finished 18th, while Lauscher was 19th.

We did not live up to our training this week and it shows me we need lots of volume of training on these tracks in Europe in order to get better, said Wolfgang Staudinger, head coach, Canadian Luge Team. We have a long way to go to get to where we need to be, but we will continue to work hard and we will get better, but it wont happen overnight,

The 21-year-old Simister, of Regina, who is one of the strongest starters in the world, had little trouble at the top of the track, but struggled to find her consistency down each run, finishing with a time of one minute 56.222 seconds.

Lauscher, of Red Deer, Alta., slid well down the track, but hit the wall at the start in both of her runs to post a two-run time of 1:56.249.

We have a lot of bad habits in the technical part of our sliding and its going to take time to break those habits, said Staudinger.

The German women won their 76th consecutive race which dates back 10 years to November of 1997, while sweeping the podium at home on Sunday. Tatjana Hqfner won her second consecutive gold medal with a time of 1:54.180. Anke Wischnewski was second at 1:54.363, while Silke Kraushaar-Pielach claimed the bronze (1:54.536).

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Womens Singles Top-Five and Canadian Results:
1. Tatjana Hqfner, GER, 1:54.180; 2. Anke Wischnewski, GER, 1:54.363; 3. Silke Kraushaar-Pielach, GER, 1:54.536; 4. Anna Orlova, LAT, 1:54.681; 5. Natalia Yakushenko, UKR, 1:54.905.

Canadian Women Results:

18. Meaghan Simister, Regina, 1:56.222; 19. Regan Lauscher, Red Deer, Alta., 1:56.249;