Luge Canada


It was the same story predicted by the new head coach of the Canadian luge team yesterday, following the womens results. Wolfgang Staudinger stated our athletes are extremely talented and can be very competitive against the best in the world, what they lack is the training experience on the European tracks. Jeff Christie led the mens luge athletes in todays runs in Austria with a 17th place finish, +0.947 seconds off the winning pace.

Christie, who finished sixth on his home track in Calgary at the end of November, knows where he stands with the worlds best, and what he needs to do to get better.

I can perform better in Calgary because Ive slid there a billion times but I know I rank in a group from eight-to-15 so if I finish in that group Im satisfied, said Christie. Getting out of that group requires lots of summer training and winter sliding volume so I know the work that needs to be done.

Two other Canadian men from Calgary slid today. Sam Edney finished up in 24th place (+1.278) followed by Matt McMurray in 29th (+1.963).

Armin Zöggeler of Italy prevented Germanys David Möller from winning a third World Cup race in a row when the two switched spots atop the podium today. Daniel Pfister of Austria rounded out the top three in the bronze position.

Canadas Moffat brothers, Chris and Mike, slid into 13th place in mens doubles action. The Calgary-based brothers posted a combined time of 1:20.211 on the Austrian track. Grant Albrecht, of Red Deer, Alta., and Eric Pothier, of Airdrie, Alta., also teamed up to finish 17th (1:20.556).

Todays World Cup doubles race was won by Germanys Patric Leitner and Alexander Resch (1:29.152).

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Top-5 Mens Singles Results:

1. Armin Zöggeler, ITA, 1:37.887; 2. David Möller, GER, 1:38.027; 3. Daniel Pfister, AUT, 1:38.095; 4. Stefan Höhener, SUI, 1:38.189; 5. Viktor Kneib, RUS, 1:38.240.

Canadian Results:

17. Jeff Christie, Calgary, 1:38.834; 24. Sam Edney, Calgary, 1:39.165; 29. Matt McMurray, Calgary, 1:39.850.

Top-5 Mens Doubles Results:

1. Leitner/Resch, GER, 1:19.238; 2. Oberstolz/Gruber, ITA, 1:19.256; 3. Florschqtz/Wustlich, GER, 1:19.371; 4. Schiegl/Schiegl, AUT, 1:19.380; 5. Linger/Linger, AUT, 1:19.434.

Canadian Results:

13. Moffat/Moffat, Calgary, 1:20.211; 17. Albrecht, Red Deer, Alta./Pothier, Airdrie, Alta., 1:20.556.