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Alex Gough Slides to Second Straight Bronze at Luge World Cup

Tristan Walker and Justin Snith match best European result in seventh

 KONIGSSEE, Ger.—Alex Gough continued her medal-winning run on Saturday by sliding to her second-straight bronze medal at the Luge World Cup in Konigssee, Germany.

“I have been sick all week, and was just trying to get through that and then pull good starts and have two consistent runs today,” said Gough who was also third last year in Konigssee. “There is a dead flat start on this track which definitely plays to a German advantage, but I did my job of reaching my potential today. I’m happy to be on the podium again.”

A repeat performance from the season-opener in Austria last week, Gough was in second spot after her first bomb down the 1,075-metre, 11-corner German track, but dropped a spot after Tatjana Hufner posted the fastest second run. Calgary’s Gough held on for the bronze medal after posting a two-run time of 1:41.601 in a race that was won in the start handles.

“The starts are so important, and I have come along way with my starts since 2008 when I first started to break through,” said Gough. “I definitely feel I have more in me and I need to keep working hard and pushing myself.”

Once again, Gough was the lone athlete not wearing German colours to slide into the top-five of the women’s race. Natalie Geisenberger finished on top with a time of 1:41.450, while Tatjana Hufner celebrated the silver medal at 1:41.481.

“I don’t want to be stuck in third pace all the time, but I think it is going to be tough to break out of that on this major tour through Germany that we are doing,” said Gough. “Today – this track is Natalie’s bread and butter. I do believe this shows how far we have come because not long ago we were thrilled with getting on the podium. I know it is going to come, I just need to keep working hard.”

Calgary’s Arianne Jones was 13th with a time of 1:43.288, while World Cup rookie – Calgary’s Jordan Smith was 16th (1:43.618).

The Canadian doubles team of Tristan Walker, of Cochrane, Alta., and Calgary’s Justin Snith, also matched their season-opening performance of a career-best seventh place result. The Canadian duo clocked the fourth-fastest second run at 1:19.91 for a combined time of 1:42.382.

Germany grabbed the top-two spots in the doubles race for the second-straight week. Tobias Wendl and Tobias Arlt clocked a golden time of 1:40.977, while Toni Eggert and Sascha Benecken grabbed the silver in consecutive weeks with a time of 1:41.392. Austria’s Andreas Linger and Wolfgang Linger hopped onto the podium for the first time this year, finishing third at 1:41.966.

The Luge World Cup continues on Sunday in Germany with the men’s singles race.

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Women’s Top-Five and Canadian Results:
1. Natalie Geisenberger, GER, 1:41.450; 2. Tatjana Hufner, GER, 1:41.481; 3. Alex Gough, Calgary, CAN, 1:41.601; 4. Anke Wischnewski, GER, 1:41.866; 5. Aileen Frisch, GER, 1:42.013
Other Canadian Results:
13. Arianne Jones, Calgary, 1:43.288; 16. Jordan Smith, Calgary, 1:43.618

Men’s Doubles Top-Five and Canadian Results:

1. Tobias Wendl/Tobias Arlt, GER, 1:40.977; 2. Toni Eggert/Sascha Benecken, GER, 1:41.392; 3. Andreas Linger/Wolfgang Linger, AUT, 1:41.926; 4. Peter Penz/Georg Fischler, AUT, 1:41.966; 5. Christian Oberstotz/Patrick Gruber, ITA, 1:42.217
Canadian Results:
7. Tristan Walker, Cochrane, Alta./Justin Snith, Calgary, 1:42.382.